About Me

I really should have this page to talk about me.  For now I’ll just list some basic information although I could see expanding on it greatly in the future.

I’m Tara.  I’m 25.  I live in Portland and work doing software development.  I’ve done things from actual code to QA and documentation.  I spend way too much time messing around on computers.

I tend to have a few close friends and hang out with them but I’m not usually found in the middle of huge parties.  Maybe that’s why I’m usually single.

I have a disability called cerebral palsy.  It’s a physical disability that affects my ability to do things like walk so I’m in a wheelchair but mentally I am perfectly normal.

Politically I’m a democrat.  I try to speak up and get others involved and aware about the world around them and get people involved enough to vote intelligently.  Sadly most people don’t have a clue.


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